Jazzy Lily Hot Glass
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Playing with Fire - Making a basic Glass Bead

Each bead is individually made. A glass rod is heated to a molten state and then wrapped around a steel mandrel. By rotating the mandrel whilst continuing to heat the glass and making use of surface tension and gravity, a glass bead is eventually formed. By applying small amounts of different coloured molten glass to the main ’bead’ whilst it is still hot, I am able to create patterns and decorations which then become fused into the bead. The wonderful thing is, each bead is unique and a work of art in its own rite.            

Use a torch burning propane & oxygen

Heat a steel mandrel & a rod of glass

Wind the molten glass around the mandrel
(this forms the hole in the bead)

When enough glass had been added, remove the rod and keep turning the mandrel until a round bead is formed


Allow the bead to cool down slightly and decorate with another
coloured glass rod or stringer (a very thin 'string' of glass)